Madison Riley- A Birth Story


My cell phone starts playing it’s standard ringtone on my nightstand above my head. I had just gone to sleep 10 minutes before, so I was a little foggy… Ok, I wasn’t functioning at all. I barely read the name of the incoming call… I blindly push a button in hopes that I am at least close.


“Tori’s water broke.”

Amazing what those 3 words can do to a girl’s energy level…

I literally bounce out of bed. “No way! Okay! Let’s do this!”…  I dance around the house, pack up my things… my husband just stares at me, shakes his head and laughs. He knows. I’m about to become an Aunt again…

“It’s baby time!”

It’s so quiet and peaceful at 1:oo am …. perfect for a new little baby to enter this world.

Her very first little bed is already prepared and waiting. It’s so incredible to think that a brand new little life will be laying there in just a few short hours.






The doctor came in and checked her progress…

9 1/2 cm.

She was just about ready! It happened so quickly! Our mom just got there in time for the delivery. Tori was so calm. Gene was right by her side the whole time.

We were ready to meet this little girl.


Three pushes.

That was it…


4:40 am.

She was here! Madison Riley Thomas was here!


7 lbs. 7 ozs and 20 in. of sweet, pure baby girl.


She grabbed and held onto her daddy’s finger right away. It was so sweet…

She gets checked and is cleaned, healthy and beautiful. Now, she officially gets to meet her daddy and mommy…

I try to keep the tears at bay behind my viewfinder, but this moment is too beautiful… she is just perfect.

She gave me a little smile…. I already like this kid…. 😉




 The sun is starting to rise and peek into the windows…. birds are chirping… the streets that were abandoned earlier are now starting to fill with cars, people heading to work… they don’t know what just happened in the hospital room that is looking down on them.

It was something wonderful… something amazing….

Something miraculous.

A family of 3 became a family of 4 in just a matter of seconds. A mommy and daddy are so filled with joy as they finally get to look into the eyes of their beautiful baby girl that they have anxiously waited for 9 months. Today for this family, life isn’t just going on…

Life happened…

Welcome to this world,  our sweet Madison Riley Thomas.





*** Stay tuned for Part 2 of Madison’s birth story when McKenna meets her baby sister!

sherry - this is so beautiful, ashley you did an amazing job capturing the arrival of your niece, you are so talanted. congrats Thomas family!!!

Angelina - Awwww….I love this story!! So adorable <3

Kassie - Omgg this is so amazing! What a awesome job Ashley!

Cathy Bennett - Oh, my, you had me in tears. Great job, Auntie! Beautiful family……..congrats to all of you.

Don & Vicki Cox - a beautiful story that will be treasured for years to come.

tori - I feel lIke I look at thIs everyday! such an amazIng moment In tIme! It all went by soooo quIckly and you captured every mIn of It! now I can relIve thIs experIence over and over! love It!! (& not sure why Its makIng all the “I’s” capItAl but I cant fIx It! lol weIrd!)

tasha coates - omg tears…. ashley i swear when i have a family im calling u for every waking moment.

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tori thomas - Just going down “memory lane” and I clicked on this blog (obviously my FAVORITE out of them all!) I didn’t even read the entire first sentence and I’m crying lol one of the absolutely BEST days of my life!! So glad you captured the beauty of it all!

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