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This is your wedding day, a moment you want to remember for the rest of your lives. 

Becoming an Ashley Elaine bride means you become a friend. I will cry when you walk down that aisle or share that first dance… I will hold your train, fix that flyaway hair, take deep breaths and laugh with you. Chances are, we will still talk long after your big day…. Maybe I’ll even photograph a little one in the future!

When you become an AE bride, it becomes more than just hiring a photographer.

It becomes an experience.


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Thank you for contacting me! I will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours, with the exception of Holidays and Weekends. If you don't hear from me in that time, please check your spam folder or email me directly. Thank you!

Ashley McAlister  |  aelainephotography@gmail.com

Tips and Planning

– Might seem obvious, but plan around little one’s nap times. A sleepy child might not want their picture taken… and they will let us know it!

– Try to match… but not too much!! Try and coordinate 3-4 colors that compliment eachother nicely. Identical outfits may seem like a great idea but it’s best to mix it up. To see a more detailed guide on what to wear for your photo session, CLICK HERE.

– If you have something special you want in your picture, your are welcome to bring it! I’m not big on numerous, elaborate props, but a child with there favorite teddy bear or blanket will be a  portrait your love forever and ever and that is what I want you to have!

– I try to make sure your session is fun. It’s not supposed to feel uncomfortable or awkward. Just relax and enjoy it! If your child is running away at every chance they get, IT’S OKAY. I enjoy the chase and I will not leave till we get “the picture”… the one that, when you see it, you think “when did she capture that?! It’s perfect!” Kids will be kids. Don’t ever think you are wasting my time or bothering me. I’m doing what I enjoy and I want you to enjoy it too.


– You can bring 2 outfits that you think you look best in. I recommend bringing two that are a little different… for example, a nice sinched at the rib shirt that accents your belly with jeans and then a sun dress with boots. This is just an example. You are welcome to bring whatever you are comfortable in!

– If you have anything you want to include in the picture, bring it to your session. I have some props such as blocks for baby’s name, ribbon and booties. You might want to bring an ultrasound picture or something special. Just let me know what it is and I can try to incorporate it into a photo!


– I make newborn sessions very relaxed and laid back. If the baby needs to eat or be changed or if they are fussy, don’t feel like you are using up your session time! I work around what the baby needs the best we can.

– Feel free to bring anything that has sentimental value that you want to use in your portraits. A blanket made by a loved one, a stuffed animal… I will use it in some of your baby’s photos.

-Try to plan for the baby’s sleepy time. For newborns, that’s usually all the time! We really want to get those sleepy baby photos though and if we get some good awake ones, it’s a bonus!


If you have any other questions or thoughts, don’t hesitate to contact me and we can discuss your session more specifically!