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This is your wedding day, a moment you want to remember for the rest of your lives. 

Becoming an Ashley Elaine bride means you become a friend. I will cry when you walk down that aisle or share that first dance… I will hold your train, fix that flyaway hair, take deep breaths and laugh with you. Chances are, we will still talk long after your big day…. Maybe I’ll even photograph a little one in the future!

When you become an AE bride, it becomes more than just hiring a photographer.

It becomes an experience.


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Thank you for contacting me! I will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours, with the exception of Holidays and Weekends. If you don't hear from me in that time, please check your spam folder or email me directly. Thank you!

Ashley McAlister  |  aelainephotography@gmail.com

What to Expect

What to Expect… Most Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you hold your sessions?

I hold my outdoor sessions anywhere local to Southern NJ. I will travel pretty much anywhere though, so please let me know if you have a specific place you’d like that may be a little farther away. A travel fee will be added for places such as NJ shore points, Central NJ, Philadelphia, DE, etc.. If you have a local place in mind that you think would work or you believe would really reflect your family, great! If you don’t have any places picked, no worries… I can give you some suggestions as well.

How far in advance should I schedule my session?

It’s best to schedule as soon as you decide that I am the photographer for you! Summer and Winter may be a little more flexible and I can possibly book sessions at request. Fall and Spring are my busy seasons. Fall especially… sometimes I’m fully booked by early September! If you know you want your portraits done in either of these seasons, please book as soon as possible. As far as the ever-so-desired colors of Fall, the best time to book is mid October to mid November. Before this time, the leaves may not have changed much yet. After this time, many of the leaves have fallen and you may not get exactly what you had hoped for. This is just a loose schedule and don’t worry… I have taken gorgeous pictures both before and after this time frame. All that being said, please don’t hesitate to book your session if you know you want your photos taken during that time.


When is the best time for my session, specifically?

Maternity Session- 32-36 weeks is best. Every woman is different. You want to be not too big where you are still able to move with comfort and ease and have that desired “cute” look, but not be too small where it’s difficult to see that baby belly.

Newborn Session- 5-15 days is the best time for newborns because of their sleepy nature. Soon after 2 weeks, these little babes tend to be more alert and may not stay asleep for those dreamy portraits you hope for that define newborn life. If you can’t schedule in this time frame, it’s still okay. I have taken newborn photos all the way up to 1 month, but after that, they typically lose that “new look” and start to turn into their little chubby counterparts! (which, I love to capture too!!)

Babies and Children- Try to schedule around naps and meals. A rested and full bellied child is a happy child!! I can work with your child’s scheduling for the most part.

Engagement- Anytime you want! But remember, if you want a certain season or if you are planning on making “save the dates” with your photos, keep in mind when you want to schedule and how much time you need.


YOU are the photographer I want! Now, how do I book you?

This is the easy part. I provide a lot of ways to get a hold of me. You can use the contact form on my website. You can call me. You can text me. You can go to my facebook page and write on my wall or send a message (the Facebook link to my page is at the top right of my website.. check it out and become a fan!), you can email me (again, at the top right of the page, click on the envelope) Whatever way is most convenient for you is how you should contact me. I will get back to you within 24 hours! If for some reason I don’t, that means something is wrong and I didn’t get your message. Try one more time, maybe a different way. I will get back to you!

At the time you book your session, the session fee plus sales tax is due to hold the date. I accept cash and check. You can make checks payable to Ashley Elaine Photography LLC.


What do I wear?

Clothing choice is always the biggest decision when planning your session. Children look great in fun, bold colors, textures or patterns. Try to stay away from logos, graphics or characters and words on the clothing. It will take the focus off of your child and we don’t want to do that! Sweaters, hats, scarves and boots are fun for Fall and Winter months. Sundresses always look sweet on little girls for the Spring and Summer… it’s all preference! Jeans are always tried and true if in doubt. Families don’t have to wear all the same color or matching shirts, in fact, I advise against it. I suggest choosing a color palette of 3 colors and go from there. For a more detailed guide on this, you can click here.


How long does my session last?
Sessions typically last anywhere from 45 minutes-2 hours, depending on the setting and how many people there are. I have found this to be plenty of time for great shots. For newborn sessions, I allow more time so we have plenty of time for feedings, changing, etc.


How do I preview my images?

I will provide you with a link to your images and a password. You can view your session there!


How long does it take for my order to come in?

Payment for your order is due at the time of ordering. Once I receive your payment, your photos will take less than a week to arrive.


Can I use the images on facebook or my blog?

ABSOLUTELY! If I post an image of yours on my Facebook page, please feel free to tag yourself! All I ask is that you do not crop out or edit my watermark. I no longer post entire albums to Facebook, but once your session and ordering is complete, you can choose 3-4 of your favorites for me to post as well. Again, I just ask that my watermark stays displayed. Thank you in advance for understanding!


I have to reschedule… what happens now?

Life happens, I know that. (I have 3 kids!) Illness, car troubles, last minute conflicts, bad weather… things happen! In the event that it does, we can reschedule for another day that is convenient for you and the session fee that you already paid will roll over. I just ask that if you know something has come up, please let me know ASAP so I can try to give someone your slot that may be waiting patiently for an opening.


Do you have gift certificates?

Yes I do! Please call or email about what you want specifically and I can make it and deliver it to you.




All images created by Ashley Elaine Photography LLC are copyrighted and protected by copyright laws. It is illegal to scan, download, reprint or reproduce Ashley Elaine Photography’s images in any way and doing so can result in fines. As the photographer, it is best if I have complete control over the images created during our session. I take pride in providing top quality images that you are proud to display and share. Reproducing these photos in anyway greatly reduces the quality of my work and can damage my reputation. Please don’t do this, I work hard to make what I do the best it can be. Thank you for understanding and for  purchasing all of your prints and reprints directly from Ashley Elaine Photography. It’s greatly appreciated!!