*Cody and Kristina :: Married!!* | South Jersey Wedding Photographer

Cody and Kristina’s May wedding was our first wedding of 3 held at Bogey’s in a month! It’s funny, we have never been to this venue and here we are, shooting 3 weddings there in less than 30 days. Kristina’s colors were bright and vivid and her girls’ dresses were so vibrant, it made it fun to photograph. She even had peacock feathers in her bouquets!! I just loved how unique her style was and how true to herself and Cody it was. From the minute we walked in, we could tell how excited, yet calm they were about what was coming….. then the moment arrived and Kristina came walking down the aisle. Cody cried. Kristina cried. I cried. (I told you, I WILL cry at your wedding! I am emotionally invested!) There was no denying how into each other they were. The rest of the night went on without a hitch! There was laughing, dancing, crying (yes, more crying) and we had a blast! Thank you so much Cody and Kristina for having us be part of your special day. Enjoy!! aewithlove




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