Ike and Megan: Engaged! | South Jersey Wedding Photographer

I had such a fun engagement session with Ike and Megan… I would say half the time, Ike was doing something crazy and Megan was giving him a look… and I was laughing:)   They chose to do their session at Weymouth Furnace, which I was so excited when they told me that was their plan. I love the history behind that place! And their session wouldn’t be complete without their pups, Lucy and Theo.
I am so looking forward to their big day in September 2017, and not because I am their photographer, but I will be a guest for this one! Ike and Megan are like family… my kids call him “Uncle Ike”, (and she will soon be “Aunt Meg”!! *sudden realization*) & I cannot wait to watch them vow to spend the rest of their lives loving each other… gives me goosebumps just thinking about it <3

Congratulations Ike and Megan!! We love you!!






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