Julie Paisley Workshop 2013

On September 8, 2013, I made my way over the bridge into Pennsylvania, Hershey to be exact, to attend my first ever workshop by the one and only, Julie Paisley. I stumbled upon Julie’s facebook page over a year ago and instantly fell in love.  She was sweet and genuine and had a heart that wanted to help. She was my kinda girl! Her photography was dreamy and stunning and her online personality was like the cherry on top. So when she posted about her 2013 workshops, I suddenly became like my past teenage self when I found out N’SYNC was touring.

“Jason, I have to go.”

“Umm… go where?”

“To Julie Paisley’s workshop. I have to.”

My husband didn’t have a clue, but he could tell in just 10 minutes of listening to me go on and on that it was important to me.
So, I sent the deposit. I was nervous about spending the money, especially on something that was for me. I was hoping it was worth it. I kept telling myself it would be….

Was it EVER…

                                                              (Yeahhhhh…………. this happened on day 1…. **swoon**)


Day 1…. I was so nervous to walk into that conference room. I walked through the door and Julie was sitting right there at the front of the room. I sheepishly said “Hi!” and quickly started to make my way to my seat when she jumped up…

“Don’t think you are going to sneak off without a hug! Come here, girl!”

And she hugged me. And I laughed. And I felt at home.

I felt like I was meeting a celebrity, seriously. I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little star-struck… but she was SO down to earth! She had the cutest little package personalized for each of us and equipped with all kinds of things… an ornate picture frame, a cookie that looked like a camera and a shabby chic spoon decoration stamped with the word “love” to name a few. It was like a mini Christmas and I felt so special!

She got right into it, starting with introductions from everyone and then a little bit about herself. Then the learning began. I could have listened to her for the rest of the week. She is like an open book and I knew just after the first 30 minutes that it was worth every penny.

Then, it was off to our first session. A gorgeous bride and handsome groom that had just gotten married the day before was more than willing to model for us. They were fantastic! We drove to an old barn with a big field and let the magic happen…..















Can they be any more perfect? Seriously…. Julie would tell them how to pose, they did it, and we shot away. It was great to see her work with the bride and groom and how natural it all was…

Then we took some of just the bride…  She was stunning.

This isn’t even all the pictures. There was so much. Julie was wonderful. She made sure we all got a chance to shoot different angles that we wanted. Here’s a picture of Julie in action….

Convinced to sign up for a JPP workshop yet?? Well, there is a part 2 to this blog I am saving for another night that will talk about day 2 and how great that went, as well as more pictures of our second shoot, just in case you need a little more convincing. I am so grateful to have stumbled across her page last year! If you are wondering if you should do it, by all means, YES. Sign up. Just do it. It’s for you and your business and why not learn from the best? Julie is amazing at what she does, has a heart of gold and wants you to succeed. In my book, THAT is the best.

Besides, you get a camera shaped cookie. What’s not to love? 😉

(( Look, I will even make is easy for you… here is the link!…  http://juliepaisleyphotography.com/blog/workshops/ ))



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