Gina+Lucas: Married! | South Jersey Wedding Photographer

Gina and Lucas….. if I could describe the two of them together, I think the first word that comes to mind would be ‘pure’. Their love for each other, how the treated each other, looked at each other, spoke to each other, held each other…. it was all pure. Genuine, beautiful, sweet, kind.  Just a few more words of the many I could use. They were so excited to see one another, it was contagious. Before the ceremony, they stood on either side of the door so they couldn’t see each other, held hands and prayed. Before they even touched, Gina was crying! (Naturally, so was Tori and I! Surprised?? 🙂 ) There were more tears when Gina’s dad saw her for the first time…. what a precious moment! There is nothing like a father and his (only!) daughter right before her wedding ceremony. More tears.
Then, when Gina came from behind those doors to walk down the aisle and Lucas saw her for the first time, his smile was from ear to ear and so was mine. I could not help but smile at him seeing his beautiful bride for the first time! It was like there was no one else in the room at that moment for him, and I am sure it felt that way for both of them. Make sure to check out those amazing shots, it’s so worth it!
The ceremony was beautiful. Gina cried and Lucas pulled out his hanky to wipe away her tears. Genuine. Pure. Sweet.
The reception was wonderful! It was held at The Community House in Moorestown, NJ. Beautiful place as you will see below! Dancing, laughing, great toasts and traditions. It was really a perfect day for Gina and Lucas. I was honored to document it for them. Congratulations Lucas and Gina! I wish nothing but the best for the two of you <3





Ceremony: First Presbyterian Church of Moorestown
Venue: The Community House, Moorestown, NJ
Photographer: Ashley Elaine Photography LLC
Band: City Rhythm Orchestra

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