Jennifer+Chris :: Married! | South Jersey Wedding Photographer

Love love LOVE Jen and Chris! From the minute I met Jen in Starbucks for our bridal consult (well, second time actually… more officially than the first time, which was as her cousin’s wedding), I knew she was special! Just a sweet soul, someone who made you feel like you’ve been friends with her for years. She loved my style and valued it. She wanted the bright, airy photos that I feel marks my brand. She gushed over my images, explaining what she loved about it and how she wanted her wedding photos to look just like it. Nothing makes a photographer feel better than truly valuing their style and work! She knew how important the photos would be in years to come. She “got” it…. To top it off, she had an incredible story of how and her Chris first met years ago! I have shared this on my Facebook before, but I NEED to share this again, because it is just that incredible…

They were from the same small town in South Jersey. In fact, he grew up right next door to her aunt, whom she visited often throughout her life. But they did not know each other and never met in all those years… Years went by, they both grew up, still had never met….Then one day, she was sitting in a small bar in New Orleans with her friends on a little vacation…. and as fate would have it…. so was he. Their paths finally crossed a thousand miles away. They were both in the same bar, at the same hour, on the same day, in the same distant city and they finally met for the first time. She called her mom on the phone that night and told her, “I just found the man I am going to marry.”

And here we are…

Congratulations Jen and Chris!! Love you both!




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